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5 wedding gift ideas that cost you little to no money

Weddings are very expensive, and as a guest, it's not cheap for you either (think outfit, hair/makeup (maybe), travel costs (flight, gas, accomodations, taxi), shower gifts, stag/staggette costs ... see what I mean? It adds up for you as well all before you've even shelled out the buckaroos for the wedding gift.

Here are 5 wedding gift ideas that cost you little to no money:

  1. Volunteer your skills/service prior to the wedding. Maybe you bake a mean cake, or are fabulous with a thred and needle and can whip up a fabulous veil in no time! What can you offer as your gift?
  2. Welcome committee!! Arrange to pick up guests who are arriving by plane, train or bus, welcoming them with a BIG SIGN and providing them a nice, no-cost lift to their hotel. Not only a fabulous gift, but an easy way to make new friends.
  3. Maid for a day! One bride of mine told be how one of her bridesmaids had cleaned her and her hubby's apartment the day before the wedding. She loved coming home to a spankin' clean apartment as her first night as a hot new wife.
  4. Video Homage! Create a fun video montage for your friends and slip it into the card box. My friend's made us a video for our wedding gift and we LOVED it!
  5. Baby or Pet Sitter! Maybe your friend's have children or pets? How about offer them a weekend away from obligations and baby/pet sit? Who wouldn't love a weekend to themselves to do nothing but .. snuggle :)
Sure you can always toss money into an envelope or go with a registry gift, but why not be creative and give a gift that will forever be remembered? Just think about it.

I would love to hear more ideas from you!