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I'm thrilled to have you visit! This blog is everything party. I talk about local (Toronto) vendors, and how to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your event. I have occasional guest bloggers stop in to share their love of parties while providing advice, tips and more. Such guests include real-brides, photographers and cake designers.

I touch on etiquette, how to save money and my newest feature, Song Book, where I share my favourite, non-traditional songs that would be a great touch to any wedding. I also provide links to those crafty individual's who have provided the internet world with free downloads, and fabulous DIY projects perfect for your event.

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"Dishing for Dana"

At this time I am still not for hire, but I felt it important to write this one-off post for someone extremely  important to the wedding industry. Dana LaRue AKA Broke-ass Bride

When I was planning my wedding back in 2008, I was in the complete dark of the Broke-Ass Bride. It wasn't until after my wedding while focusing on A Hot Pink Petticoat that I came across Dana's blog and fell deeply in love. She is hilariously witty and easily adored by everyone in the wedding industry.

Well, this bad-ass bride needs your help.

Since Dana is not privy to our fabulous Canadian health system, she has been battling the evil-debt monster in her attempt to combat her equally evil chronic autoimmune disease. After 11 surgeries with another one scheduled,  her battle seems never-ending, hence her need for your help. With the help of her fellow bloggers, she is offering you some fabulous recipes in exchange for a donation. Simple huh? In exchange for that starbucks latte you would have purchased, you get a recipe for life!!! I think that itself is bad ass,

Or, if your currently looking for the PERFECT gift for your friend's wedding shower, why not donate for a whack load of recipes and create a broke-ass recipe book? Not only will you score many great eats, but you'll know your hard earned money is in great hands. Just a thought. 

Head over to Dana's post to read everything you need to about this fabulous cause and help this much-needed blog growing!

Time to move on

I'm sure you may have noticed that my blogging has been lacking lately. After taking many months to reflect on my life, I have decided to step away from party planning. This decision has not come easy, but is the right path for me to take.

As you may or may not know, in addition to party planning, I'm an IT career woman, yoga instructor, dance instructor and a wife. I've spent my entire life thus far being overly busy, something I thought I needed to survive; to be successful. I have now come to realize, I want to take much of my time back and spend it on me; on my journey to self-realization.

A Hot Pink Petticoat will be closing immediately and will not be taking on any new clients. I will continue to be available via email and scheduled appointments through the end of my existing contracts.

Thank you for your incredible support, encouragement and friendship through the last 2 years. I will no longer be writing for "underneath the petticoat" but I will be available for references.

Song Book; Ray LaMontagne - You Are The Best Thing

Seriously, where have I been that I just discovered Ray LaMontagne tonight!! WHAT???
100% obsessed, and I think you all should join me (if you're not already)

Song: You Are The Best Thing
Artist: Ray LaMontagne
Duration: 3:55m

Song Book: See How Man Was Made - Josh Ritter

I heard Josh Ritter playing in my local starbucks and purchased the cd on the spot. Something about this guy makes me all gooey inside.

Song: See How Man Was Made
Artist: Josh Ritter
Duration: 3:26m

The Best Wedding Slide Show .. MINE!

I've seen many slideshows at weddings, as both a guest and a planner.

This is the one our friend's did for us as a surprise gift at our wedding, and not to sound biased, it's one of the best I've seen.

My wedding video from alison k on Vimeo.

Song Book: As Long As You Are There - Aretha Franklin

Aretha, you are bad-ass!

Song: As Long As You Are There
Artist: Aretha Franklin
Duration: 3:40m

"Being Rock n Roll is about being YOU" - a la @rocknrollbride

A while back I posted about my take on "fake weddings" and how I wanted to challenge bloggers to show the actual cost to throw such "perfect" weddings.

Bring in Kat from Rock N' Roll Bride, and a fabulous post she wrote about how to have a perfectly imperfect wedding/life. Not only does she agree with the obsession of "fake weddings" but she writes about how you need to embrace being imperfect.

"Being Rock n Roll is about being YOU. Be proud of who you are and planning the wedding that’s perfect for YOU" (source)
High five Kat, high five!